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Are you experiencing transmission problems? Ideal Transmission can help.

Since 1959 Ideal Transmission has been a leading transmission repair facility servicing Salem, MA and the north shore of Boston. Automobile transmission repair may be the cornerstone of our business, but Ideal Transmission is much more than that. Along with car transmissions we repair boat transmissions and offer industrial transmission repair, parts and service contracts.

Our expertise was acquired by many years of finding and fixing every type of transmission issue. You might say we have seen it all. When a boat owner had no where to turn to repair a broken 50 year old boat transmission, Ideal Transmission was the answer, going so far as to have custom parts machined to perform a rebuild.

The same holds true for Industrial transmissions. We offer service contracts and we're a major distibutor of boat and industrial transmission parts. Call us at 978-744-9350 to discuss your transmission issue.

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